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CATA Students Skype with CATA Student in Germany photo

CATA Students Skype with CATA Student in Germany

On October 7, German II students video-chatted with a classmate who is currently doing the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program to spend a year in Germany! Cameron Dion explained to us what it is like to get a taste of real German language and culture. I interviewed Paula Das, a classmate, to answer some questions:

-What differences did you witness in your friend after she started adapting German culture? She had a slight German accent when she talked and her German drastically improved.

-Does the program look like something you would be interested in? Why/why not? Yes, because it seems like a great learning experience both for German and life in general. It teaches you how to adapt faster and improves your language skills.

This program is a very interesting opportunity. Witnessing it second hand from a classmate inspired some to apply for the CBYX program. We are anxiously awaiting Cameron’s return to discuss more about the day-to-day life of a German student.


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Local Meteorologist, John Ahrens, Visits CATA photo

Local Meteorologist, John Ahrens, Visits CATA

Local meterologist, John Ahrens visited CATA freshmen on Wednesday, September 24. Earth/Environmental students are currently studying meteorology, and CATA always enjoys hosting local meteorologist John Ahrens. John presented the students with a fresh and exciting view on weather. Topics included chasing tornadoes and hurricanes, the current El Nino and life as a meteorologist. He physically involved the freshmen by doing interactive front simulations and showing characteristics of high and low air masses. The students that were involved in these activities included Kahlil Cabble, Olivia Burrell, Kevin Maxwell, and Kaitlyn Tran. “I felt like I was really a wind, and I fully understood what he was trying to portray,” says Olivia Burrell.

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